A new year means a new opportunity to read the Bible in its entirety.

For 2021, I started using the 5 Day Bible Reading Program along with the Reading Plan app for my iPhone to organize the plan even while reading through Olive Tree Bible App.

Daily Bible reading is not a burden for the children of God. It is an invitation to daily joy, daily food and drink, daily hope, and daily fellowship with God.

Let’s do this together! Who has committed to reading the Bible this year?
1. Designate a specific place to read.
2. Set a specific time to read each day.
3. If you miss a day, or week, don’t throw in the towel. Catch up or pick up where you should be.

Three prayers for daily Bible reading: #PSALM119
1. Give me a deeper desire to read your word.
2. Increase my skill to understand your word.
3. Show me more of your glory in your word.

God desires relationship over ritual. Rituals have validity only in that they assist in developing the relationship.

Resolve to not just read the Word of God in 2021, but to know and commune with God through His Word.

Reading God’s Word is of the highest importance. Knowing God is life itself.


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